What´s going on here?


I basically set up this site in order to be able to look at some of my own favourite images on the net while at work, so please don´t tell my boss. I also wanted to know how to build a website, and this is my personal playground. Last, but not least, I felt like writing the entire content in English should be fun.

 I live in Germany, just next to the North Sea shore. I am a chemist by profession, but this site is all about what I love to do when not at work, which is spending time with my family, taking photographs and playing around with them in my computer, and gardening. That´s quite enough for the remaining 16 hours of the day, therefore I don´t do anything else.

As I stated above, this site was intended to be my own personal image album for my own personal viewing pleasure. I simply was curious about how it would feel and look like. I´ll be happy if some of you out there like it, too. Thank you for visiting my site!


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